Saturday, February 6, 2016

Travel Tales: New Orleans, Louisiana

As I mentioned in my first post, not all of my greatest travelling stories are from my international travels. Some of my best trips in life have taken place right here in the United States. Today, I would like to tell you about one of my favorite cities in the world, which is New Orleans. New Orleans  is a unique melting pot of food, culture, and music, located in southeastern Louisiana.  
A few years ago, I visited this amazing city with my mother for the annual Essence Music Festival , which has taken place in New Orleans since 1994. Upon our arrival, we were simply in awe of the beauty that fell before our eyes. Gorgeous French and Spanish Creole architecture adorned the streets of the city. As we walked through the French Quarter examining the elegant structures, we could hear a brass band melodiously playing their instruments in the distance. New Orleans is trademarked as the birthplace of Jazz, and tourists can often hear the sounds of legends, such as Louis Armstrong, playing in shops, markets, restaurants, and museums. Pictures, murals, and statues of famous jazz musicians can be found throughout the city.
New Orleans music is one of a kind, the architecture is stunning, but my favorite part about the city would have to be the food. As a Maryland native, I pride myself on knowing what good seafood is. All my life, I was under the impression that Maryland’s seafood was incomparable. However, after eating charbroiled oysters in New Orleans for the first time, I knew that my home state had come in second place when it came to preparing seafood. New Orleans has some of the most flavorful food that I’ve ever tasted. Some of my favorite New Orleans dishes are of course charbroiled oysters, po’boy sandwiches, and red snapper topped with a Cajun sauce. Below, you’ll find pictures of these delicious treats.

Shrimp Po'Boy Sandwich and an Assortment of Fried Seafood
Charbroiled Oysters
 Red Snapper topped with Cajun Sauce
If you would like to travel to a local US city filled with dynamic people, food, culture, and music, I highly recommend taking a trip to New Orleans, LA.


  1. Ayjah,

    You have just helped me decide where to go on my next trip! I have always wanted to go to New Orleans...for many of the reasons you mentioned but mostly the food!!! These pics have my mouth watering OMG. Thanks for sharing!!

    1. Hi Sara!
      You should definitely visit New Orleans when you get the chance. I've been for the music festival that I mentioned above, New Year's Eve, and even during a random October weekend. Each time the city was so fun and full of life! Definitely bring your appetite. You won't leave disappointed.

  2. Ayjah,

    Your blog is super insightful and not to mention making me hungry. I have to mention, I really enjoy the format of your blog, as well as the integrated links into further knowledge about the specific places that you have mentioned. Also you appeal factor with the food makes it really capture the readers attention. I love the creativity of the blog, especially because of how integrated everything is done. I look forward to reading more about your travels, it definitely has inspired me to attempt to travel a little bit more to become more exposed to all of these awesome experiences that you are able to write about. Keep it up, I look forward to reading more.

    1. Hi Shannon!
      Thank you so much for your kind remarks. I'm glad that my posts have inspired you to travel a little more!