Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Travel Tales: Puerto Maldonado, Peru

While studying abroad in the Amazon Rainforest of Puerto Maldonado, Peru, I called Posada Amazonas home for four days. This tropical rainforest lodge was completely open to the surrounding ecosystem, which allowed guests to become one with the wildlife and natural wonders of the Amazon. As you can see from the photo above, our bedrooms also exposed us to the lovely oasis during our down time. My stay in Puerto Maldonado included daytime and nighttime hikes throughout the rainforest, trips to the local medicine garden, and a climb up the 120 ft. canopy tower that overlooked the Amazon. If you are a person that loves adventure and nature, I would highly recommend travelling to Puerto Maldonado, Peru!  

Below are additional pictures of the communal spaces at the lodge, as well as pictures of the  120 ft. canopy tower that I mentioned above.



  1. Wow this looks so exciting and fun! I would love to travel there. I love to travel, but I've never been anywhere half as exciting as Peru! I can't wait to read more about your travel adventures.

  2. I can definitely say I'm jealous! I've always thought that a trip to the Amazon would be an amazing adventure, and by the looks of it... it is! Can't wait to read more about it! ...What was the most "dangerous" animal you saw there?

    1. Being in the Amazon was definitely the adventure of a lifetime for me! I must say that the most "dangerous" animal that we came across on the trip was a Black-backed Earth Snake that slithered past us during a nighttime hike. He definitely caught our entire group by surprise.