Friday, February 12, 2016

Travel Tales: Transportation Woes

Being able to travel around the world is truly rewarding. When going on a trip, there’s nothing better than getting to your final destination and being able to enjoy the wonders of your new location. However, transportation can sometimes put a damper on your travelling plans.

Today, Congressman Steve Cohen (D-TN) lost his battle against shrinking airline seats. According to the Congressman, the seat width on U.S. airlines “have shrunk from 18 inches in the 1970s to about 16.5 inches today.” His argument for the Congressional regulation of seat sizes on airplanes was due primarily to his concern of people’s safety. Unfortunately, a House committee defeated the legislation that would have mandated size standards for airline seats in a 26-33 vote. To read more on this, please click here.

Although I am a little iffy about putting airline regulations in the hands of the government, I would appreciate certain airlines making the proper adjustments to ensure that seating on their planes are safe and comfortable. If you would like to safely arrive at your final travelling destination as relaxed and comfortable as possible, I highly suggest travelling via Delta or Jet Blue Airlines. Both offer spacious seating in first-class and coach, with plenty of legroom to reduce any health hazards from taking place during your flight.



  1. Wow! Such an interesting article. I agree, I would not want air plane regulations to be in the hands of the government. Nice post.